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Rediscovering the Workflow Management Software in the Best Way Now

The Workflow, or “workflow” for the official literal translation, says what it means. It is a question of formalizing the treatment to be carried out, the path to be followed and the actors concerned to accomplish a precise work.

The workflow to model and automate information flows

A workflow management tool is used to model and automate information flows in the enterprise.

For example, the workflow tool makes it possible to specify the document routing circuits by identifying the stakeholders involved, the actions to be carried out and the deadlines.

Workflow, workflow

Workflow, literally “workflow”, is the flow representation of the operations to be performed to accomplish all the tasks or activities grouped together in the same business process.

The workflow enables the modeling of business processes in the framework of BPM Business Process Management, a more global approach.

Administrative workflow

To better understand, an example of application to the tertiary with the administrative workflow

The management of requests for loans for a bank, the claims processing files for insurance company or the reimbursement of expense claims for any type of insurance. Organization is application examples for administrative or tertiary workflow tools.

For each of the above cases, the documents to be developed follow a specific path that includes verification, investigation, information or approval tasks. IT workflow tools make it possible to define the path of each type of document, to control the deadlines and to precisely follow the execution. The workflow tool is flexible enough to allow the pre-defined circuit to be modified during the trip in order to avoid any form of blocking. You can have a better understanding with a visit now.

Ad hoc workflow and procedural workflow

The ad-hoc workflow, unlike the more locked-down procedural workflow, allows users to intervene dynamically on the path in order to deal more effectively with unforeseen events.

An already old rationalization

The workflow is not a recent concept. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčautomating workflows is as old as the generalization of enterprise computing in the late 1970s. Since the concept has evolved well as computer tools, standardization and modeling.

The workflow applied to the tertiary sector is an instrument of rationalization quite similar to the already old practices practiced in the industry.

For the record, the workflow in the tertiary is also not a recent invention related to the deployment of IT. During the 1920s, many administrations used internal pneumatic tube circuits to transport documents.

Workflow (or sometimes translated as “workflow”) is a method borrowed from industry that automates work procedures usually performed by one or more people. These marketing automation tools can be customized and customized at any time to optimize operational actions. They are integral part of inboundmethodology.

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